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Newborn Photo Shoot Instructions

How to Prepare & What to Expect


Newborn photo sessions last about 2 hours (if we need to go a little over we can). The key to getting good images is to be patient. Relax and try to enjoy the quiet while I work. There may be times when I ask your assistance if I need you to spot baby for safety.


Getting baby into that milk drunk state is what we shoot for, so try to wait to feed your baby until right before we start (at the studio). Of course, we’ll take plenty of breaks for messes, feeding and cuddling.


I will have the room in the studio heated to a warmer than normal temperature (about 85 degrees) so be sure to wear something light and comfortable and be prepared to sweat a little. Newborns cannot regulate their body temperature therefore we heat up the studio so your baby can be comfortable when we remove his or her clothing.


All of those classic, sleepy newborn images we like to capture require your baby to be in his or her deepest sleep. It may sound counter intuitive, but try keeping your baby awake 30 minutes to an hour just before our session time. Don’t stress if you cannot do this! It’s simply a suggestion but baby’s have their own ideas of when they want to sleep and that’s okay too.


I expect your baby to poop and pee on the blankets and props. It happens! I wash everything after each session, so don’t worry about it. If you have any extra wipes or towels handy, bring them out for the session. I will always have some clean up items on hand too so don’t stress.


If you can bring a pacifier for your baby, even if only for the session, this will make the work much easier. Baby’s often love to suck and it helps soothe them into the poses we are looking for and makes for easier transitions and getting them to sleep. If your baby won’t take a pacifier or you do no feel comfortable offering one, don’t worry. I can work with whatever is right for you and your family.


If you have special items such as a blanket, outfit or toy you would like to include in the shoot please feel free to bring them! It makes the shoot more personal and I’m happy to work with whatever you have!